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It is a non-profit union organization at the service of Honduran coffee producers and producers created on August 3, 1967. With a membership that is made up of more than 100,000 producers of falls integrated into 3,242 rural boards or villages, 210 local boards or municipalities, 48 affiliated coffee cooperatives and 15 departmental boards, a national board of directors, elected for three years by our highest authority the coffee congress, which is held every year between the months of October to December.


General purpose

AHPROCAFE , pursues as a general objective, to raise the quality of life of men and women who are engaged in coffee production activities, promoting the sustainable development of the population sectors that participate in the coffee production process, raising development rates human in the coffee sector of the country.



To be the trade union organization with the highest incidence in national coffee policy.


Strengthen union structures: Rural, local, departmental boards and coffee cooperatives, through training processes and democratic, participatory and inclusive organization, with gender equity, to influence the formulation and execution of policies and programs that improve the conditions of life of coffee-producing families and their communities in a sustainable way and in harmony with the environment.

Solidarity, Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Discipline, Responsibility, Loyalty, Equity, Quality and Cooperation.

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