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Social Audit

One of the Strengths of the National Coffee Fund is the adoption of the Social Audit at its beginning, which has been documented in the "Regulations for the Selection, Adjudication, and Contracting of Civil Works in the Coffee Growing Zones", in "Regulations for the Use of the Resources of the Municipal Assignment ”,

in The Administrative Procedures Manual; Audit carried out by the same producers who are the contributors and beneficiaries of the projects.


The institutional structure, economic and social environment, allows coffee producers, through their Boards of Directors: Rural, Local, Municipal, National, as well as the Coffee Cooperatives, to carry out in the area of influence, the management, prioritization of projects, The supervision, in accordance with the planning prepared jointly with the Administrators of the Institution, in this way the Audit, Social Oversight is carried out on the investments of the financial and economic resources contributed, which fundamentally contributes to strengthening Institutional transparency on a permanent basis.

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